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All You Need to Know About the Areas and Towns That Make Up Long Beach Island (LBI)

The North End, The Central Region & The South End..

Long Beach Island is made up of Barnegat Light, Harvey Cedars, Surf City, Ship Bottom, Beach Haven and Long Beach Township. Long Beach Township is made up of Loveladies, North Beach, Brant Beach, Beach Haven Crest, Brighton Beach, Peahala Park, Haven Beach, The Dunes, Beach Haven Terrace, Beach Haven Gardens, Spray Beach, North Beach Haven, South Beach Haven and finally Holgate. Each one of these towns all have their very own unique feel.

In case you were having trouble trying to decipher which part of LBI you would like to visit, we have broken LBI down into three categories: The North End, The Central Region and The South End.

The North End is compromised of Barnegat Light, High Bar Harbor, Loveladies, Harvey Cedars and North Beach. The North End has a laid back and quiet feel. This region offers Barnegat Lighthouse State Park, charter fishing, museums & gardens, private beaches and some great restaurants. Barnegat Light is one of the largest commercial fishing port in New Jersey.

The Central Region stretching from Surf City to Ship Bottom features many shops, spas, mini golf courses, and quick bites to eat. Ship Bottom offers a ton of free concerts during the summer months which are conveniently located right off the bridge also Surf City has a weekly farmers market!

Last but not least, The South End. The South End consists of Holgate, Beach Haven, North Beach, Haven Beach, Spray Beach, Beach Haven Gardens, Beach Haven Terrace, The Dunes, Haven Beach, Beach Haven Park, Peahala Park, Brighton Beach, Beach Haven Crest, and Brant Beach.  Ocean Boulevard is a great spot to ride your bike, take walks or runs. It goes from  Brant Beach all the way to The Dunes and is almost 4 miles long, you will usually find more walker and biker than cars on most days.  This part of LBI offers great surfing beaches, many kid friendly attractions, museums, many rental homes, many top rated restaurants and plenty nightlife in Beach Haven.

Take advantage of all Long Beach Island has to offer from gorgeous beaches to great dining. Contact Walt & Dayna when you are ready to take a closer look at LBI!

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